Death Crimson





Death Crimson OX is the third in a series that began its tortured life on the Sega Saturn in Japan. While the original games were among the truly awful Saturn titles, the newest iteration fares slightly better by graduating to the level of utterly forgettable. The game is not necessarily terrible, but it is so rough around the edges that players are left wondering why anyone bothered.

The story, such as it is, makes House of the Dead 2 look like Citizen Kane. A vaguely defined organization called SMO is plotting (gasp!) world domination. When Lily, the leader of the resistance movement fighting SMO (cleverly named "The Resistance"), is captured, a single rogue SMO agent named Kou and Lily's daughter, Yuri, set out to rescue her. Conveniently, Kou stole two pistols when he escaped, which apparently are jointly named "Crimson," and these powerful weapons (referred to as a single entity throughout the game) allow Kou and Yuri to go after the SMO with a vengeance. Of course, the SMO will do anything to get its grubby paws on Crimson (both of them, no less), so wackiness inevitably ensues.


Konsole: SEGA Saturn
Entwickler: Sega
Publisher: Sega
Multiplayer: nein
Controller: ?
USK: ab 16
Preis ca: ?

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