Judge Dredd





Load Your Light Gun And Lay Down The Law You are the law.
In the 22nd century, everyday is judgement day. Criminals thrive in vast, domed megacities facing no police force or court od law... just the lone justice of street-prowling judges.
Now an ex-judge-turned-prisoner has escaped and taken the Mayer hostage. Leading an army of merciless androids, he's determined to go holster-to-olster against only you... the last word in justice.. Judge Dredd.

Judge Dredd has been tested to work with Light Guns licensed by Sony Computer Entertainment America. Guns and other devices that are not officially-licensed by SCEA may not be fully compatible and you may experience a decline in performance. Look for the Playstation logo on officially licensed peripherals.

- Trigger -Pumping Action
 Face endless enemy gunfire in level after brutal level of quick re-load Light Gun-compatible shoot-outs  as comic book cult hero Dredd.

- Sixteen Battle-Packed Levels
 Navigate treacherous tunnels and maze-like building in full-throttle, first-person 3-D action.

- Destructible Game World
 Hammer through futuristic environments loaded with hidden bonuses, power-ups and explosive  special effects.

- Two-Player Blastfests
 Serve justice solo or partner up to bring the bad guys to their bolted knees in non-stop shooting  frenzies.


Konsole: PS1
Entwickler: Gremlin Interactive
Controller: GunCon
Multiplayer: ja
USK: ab 16
Preis ca: 10,99
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