Space Pirates




Planet-hopping space pirates led by the evil Captain Talon, have captured a ship of innocent space colonists and there is nothing they can do to stop it. You’re the best intergalactic Star Ranger around, and you’re their only hope! You must save the colonists and head off Talon’s plans to rule the universe before it’s too late!

You’ll have to face gangs of pirates in your quest to recover the Star Crystals from an array of hostile worlds. The crystals that you must collect power the star splitter cannon, the only weapon that can blast Talon and his misfits into the heavens. The fate of the universe is in your hands. - Incredible MPEG1 video quality
- Use a mouse or Act-Labs light gun with this CD-ROM version
- Real Motion Picture Action

nur in den USA erhältlich !


System: PC
Entwickler: Digital Leisure
Publisher: ?
Controller: Act-Labs
Multiplayer: ?
USK: ?
Preis ca: ?

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