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Compatible with the highly respected Guncon 2 Lightgun, Sega's Virtua Cop Elite - also known as Virtua Cop: Re-Birth - is an ideal shooting game with its combination of classic gameplay and modern hardware.
Developed by SEGA-AM2, Virtua Cop was released on the Sega Saturn in November 1995 almost one year after its arcade debut. In the arcades it brought game fans what is still regarded today as one of the best gun shooters ever. With its stunning graphics and lightening-quick gameplay on the Sega Saturn it replicated its enormous success on to the home console.

Its sequel, Virtua Cop 2 was released in November 1996 and surpassed the original with stunning gameplay and amazing graphics. In addition character animations were vastly improved and the whole environment became interactive, allowing players to blast bottles, windows, lighting, almost anything.

Virtua Cop Elite Edition is actually the first two Virtua Cop games, bundled together with a few extra features and, naturally, enhanced visuals. As far as gameplay is concerned, there is not very much to say. Point the gun, shoot the bad guys. Both games are identical to the original games and benefit from the fact that they're both a lot easier on the eye.

As well as the main arcade games, there's also an Exercise Mode, which is basically a set of shooting gallery challenges, and a Versus Mode, in which two players can battle it out for the highest score. Fans will also be pleased to find out that the game also comes with an Extras section that features a gallery of artwork from the series.

Virtua Cop Elite brings a huge amount of firepower and gameplay to PlayStation 2. Featuring over 15 stages through 6 different levels, a 2-player cooperative mode, training mode, gallery, and a high score ranking table, it will surely be a classic favourite for any sharp shooter.


Konsole: PS2
Entwickler: Acclaim
Publisher: SEGA
Controller: GunCon2
Multiplayer: ja
USK: ab 18
Preis ca: 26,95
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