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Gun Joytech Sharp Shooter 2



The Sharp Shooter 2 Arcade Light Gun continues JOYTECH's long and illustrious Light Gun history, which includes the best selling 'Sharp Shooter', and the authentic 'Real Arcade Light Gun peripherals for the PSone Console. Now, almost three years after the launch of the original Sharp Shooter, JOYTECH return with the true successor, and the Sharp Shooter 2 is one sequel, guaranteed to better the original!

Thanks to JOYTECH's advanced research and development facilities, the Sharp Shooter 2, overflows with a multitude of cutting edge features, and state of the art technology, designed to astound gamers, and cement their reputation as Europe's leading third party peripheral manufacturer.

The Sharp Shooter 2 holds the distinction of being JOYTECH's most sophisticated Light Gun to date, and is one of a select few Light Gun peripherals, to come complete with 100Hz compatibility, allowing it to work with the majority of modern televisions! Compatibility means little without accuracy however, and thus JOYTECH have given gamers a vital edge with a unique 'Detachable Scope', that projects a focused 'Red Dot' Targeting Sight, allowing players to stay on shot, each and every time!

Fully compatible with G-Con 45, G-con2, and all known Light Gun Games, the Sharp Shooter 2 Arcade Light Gun features Auto Reload, and Auto Fire functions, an In-Built Directional Pad, along with a 'C' Action Button, located at base of grip, for realistic 'Gun-Motion' reloading action!

Info / Features:

- Guncon compatible
- Auto load and fire functions
- Ergonomic design
- Konsole: PS2
- Preis ca: 29,99
- Hersteller: Joytech

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