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Gun Walther PPK



Now you can take part in your own home made action movies, recreating great arcade sensations with Thrustmaster’s latest officially licensed replica lightgun. You will recognize the famous British secret agent's handgun!
The Walther PPK is compatible with all shooting games developed for all Sony consoles, including the latest GunCon 2 games such as Time Crisis 2, Vampire Night, Survivor 2 Code: Veronica You’ll be invincible thanks to the Walther PPK’s accuracy and Auto-Reload+Auto-Fire modes!
Its compact shape and long cable offer you greater freedom of movement and help you dodge those shots in your living room

Info / Features:

- USB Connection for Guncon® 2 compatibility on PlayStation® 2
- Standard controller connection for GunCon® 1 reverse compatibility with PS1 + PS2
- Game mode switch: GunCon® 2, GunCon® or Normal (used with Die Hard Trilogy)
- 3 firing modes: Normal, Auto-Reload, Auto-Fire + Auto-Reload
- 8 way Dpad
- Trigger
- A, B, C buttons
- Start and Select buttons
- Vibrations motor with on/off switch
- Optional pedal socket
- Konsole: PS2
- Preis ca: ?
- Hersteller: Thrustmaster

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